Introduction to WBAC

Welcome to the 'Members Only' section of our website. Within these pages you will find information about the responsibilities of WBAC, its management duties and your role as a member of the association.

WBAC was founded on an mutual ethos of recreation and fun which remains our creed to this this day. As our club advances into to 21st century and we adapt to current trends and expectations, our association's rules and guidelines are regularly reviewed to ensure we remain vibrant and relevant within today's community.

Under current WPHS legislation, our association is considered to be a PCBU invoking a duty of care and a legal responsibility to ensure all those who participitate in our activities are aware of WBAC rules and policies through an Induction Procedure, which upon completion requires your acknowledgement.

Please take some time to peruse our 'modus operandi' using the tabs at left, your understanding and acceptance of our club's endeavours and aspirations will ensure a safe and harmoniuos environment for all.